Khao Dang Mountain

Khao Dang Mountain

 If you have plan to visit Pranburi - Samroiyod soon, This activity is considered as a highlight for tourist. Khao Dang canal is a natural canal that located in the area of Khao Dang Temple. Along the route, you can experience the essence of nature and the greatness of the mountain which is considered by the villagers that it’s look like a crocodile climbing the mountain. Getting here is not so complicated. Around 20 k.m. From the entrance of the Samroiyod National park, you can drive along the main road and follow the sign “Khao Dang Temple” which can be seen along the way. 

Khao Dang Mountain. 1 

When you arrived the crossroad, turn right to “Khao Dang Temple” and drive across the bridge to the temple. There’re free parking lots available here and the tourist service point is located near the river.





There is a charge for the boat around 500 THB. per 6 persons. For safety, The boat driver would ask you to wear the life jacket before start the trip.

Khao Dang Mountain activities 


It was very nice weather on that day and we met many tourists.


The mountain that it's looks like a crocodile climbing the mountain


There’s a village of the local people that live 2 sides of the canal.


Do not miss the Khao Dang temple that located near the canal.