Prayanakorn Cave

Prayanakorn Cave


 Phrayanakorn cave is large cave with natural burrow in the middle of the cave. When the light shine through it’s feel like mysterious and seductively. Phrayanakorn cave located in the area of Samroiyod national park which away from our resort just 10 k.m.


Phrayanakorn Cave 1 


Getting to Phrayanakorn Cave, It’s suitable for those who have their own vehicle cause of there’s no public transport to this area. From the national park's entrance, it’s take just 10 k.m. and you just drive along the main road and follow the sign “Phrayanakorn Cave” which can be seen along the way.


When you arrive,  There’re 2 options for you to get to the cave. First is taking a boat that will take you to the Laemsara Beach, The actual location of the cave, (costs around 500 THB and can save your energy). Second is the climb (This choice is recommended because you can see the beautiful view along the way). Our team choose to take a boat and pay 400 THB. for round trip and can  reduce the distance around 1 K.M.



Delight 2 




 Laem Sara Beach, The actual location of the cave.  
Phrayanakorn Cave 3 
Phrayanakorn Cave 2 
Phrayanakorn Cave 4 


 Along the way to the cave, you can see the beauty of nature. Some of traveler like to sunbathe here.


Phayanakorn Cave 
 430 metes from the ground, you can experience the view and the beauty of nature.  
 The Asian Monkey, wildlife conservation of our country, you can find many of them playing on the tree.  

















Phrayanakorn Cave 





Name : Phrayanakorn cave

Location : Laemsara Beach,Samroiyod national park

Business hour:  everyday from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Transportation : to getting here, It's suitable for your own vehicle (no public transportation)